I performed in the Brooklyn, NY-based experimental ensemble Aa (“Big A little a”) for over a decade, releasing three albums and touring the US, EU, and Australia/NZ along the way. Hailed by Pitchfork for creating a “spectacular, expertly sculpted 3-D sound world,” our unique approach to DIY maximalism united interlocking, multi-drummer polyrhythms with dense layers of noise, psychedelia, and song.

As a solo artist, my work explores digital transmutations of the real - and, by extension, the way that "nature" has become inextricable from the manmade in the era of climate change. Working entirely with field recordings, I sculpt soundscapes that are organic yet intensely artificial, seeking to embody the complex ecologies of the 21st century.

I've also begun collaborating with a series of musician-friends, subjecting their acoustic performances to the same process of reshaping, retuning, and recontextualization. The pandemic has made me more grateful than ever for technology-enabled connectivity, and I'm fascinated by the possibilities - and necessity - of these new forms of mediated sonic intimacy.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I'm currently back in Brooklyn after a near-decade spent living in Los Angeles, Melbourne (Australia), and as a digital nomad exploring the spaces in-between.

Email: john -at- johnatkinson.org